Validation is For Parking

It is fascinating to observe how technology shapes culture, in both good and bad way. The simplest technology can drive people to a different way, spreading new norms to the society. In some cases, technology unveils human’s deepest and truest nature.

One most blatant example that we can observe is the fact that industrial age and the invention of steam engine has driven human’s greed even further. It has affected society and humanity substantially. But let’s save the more serious discussion for later.

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So, where are you now?

So it’s been 7 months since I moved back to Indonesia. Life has been steady, not much ups and downs. It’s getting boring. I’m getting used to living life in Jakarta. The traffic jams, the unorganized masses, chaos in every public transportation system (thanks God there’s Gojek). But well, it’s survival of the fittest here in the jungle of Jakarta.


Before moving back to Indonesia, I had dreams about how would I live my life in Indonesia. Admittedly, I have not been living up to my expectations. I have not volunteered to any single events, I have not visited as many events as I would like to, I have not read as many books as I’d planned to. I have been caught up with this whole routine of waking up in the morning, fighting the urge to sleep in for another 5 minutes (I often lose). Getting up to the same train, same route, same time. Nobody told me that working-life involves great amount of boredom.


This might be the signal to try something new, something that thrills me. I need to get out of this routine and find new challenge. It is, after all, the right time to be a little adventurous.


At the end of the day, we are all a little young and a little lost, aren’t we?

Onto The Next Journey

Bergerak adalah kodrat manusia, senantiasa menuju ke arah yang baru. Perubahan, adalah sebuah konsekuensi dari pergerakan tersebut.

Hidup terdiri dari rangkaian kejadian-kejadian, menentukan nasib. Hari ini, satu rangkaian kejadian telah berhasil dilalui. Sepanjang perjalanan, aku mendapatkan kawan, sahabat, keluarga dan cinta.

Hari ini, aku bergerak menjauh dari sebuah keluarga.

Aku pergi.

Mendaki gunung yang lebih tinggi.

Untuk menjadi bagian dari sesuatu yang lebih besar.

I’ll see you on top.

On Graduation


A soundtrack to this post

A transition is inevitable. Graduation is a form of transition. Marking the start of a new life, a fully-responsible adult. Besides everything, graduation is a celebration. A lavish one.

University for me, is a getaway. A way to postpone the “real life”, a recess. I think most people got it wrong. University shouldn’t be a place that prepare you for a career in the future. It may help, and it’s good, but it should not be the sole objective.

For that reason, I enjoyed university. I might enjoyed it a bit too much it has become a comfort zone that I need to get away from. The fact is, comfort zone is dangerous, as a comfort zone might be different with “safe zone”.

On Debate

One of the things that I really feel grateful is the fact that I joined the University of Malaya Debate Club, although for a short-term. I did not win any trophies, awards, or anything. In spite of the competitive spirit of varsity debate, I believe that it is not merely about winning. Shaping our mindset, broadening our perspectives are some of the lessons I have learned along the way. I learned that, the ability to see an issue from different perspective will help in constructing a more-balanced opinion.

I also learned that to speak up for 7 minutes, is a privilege. An expensive privilege.

On Indonesia

I am a proud Indonesian. Despite having hard times to justify my pride on Indonesia, I found that there is a hope, even the slightest, that will keep the dream alive. I did my part, by bringing out the potential of Indonesian Student Association in University of Malaya. Throughout the years, we are continuously growing and giving impact to people that we care about.

To think and share knowledge are the natural consequences of an enlightened mind.

CSIS Motto

Being a member of the “enlightened mind”, is a privilege followed by a direct natural consequences. We channel our belief through the social projects we initiated and contributed, PPWI Klang — A school for the stateless children, based in Klang. We practice freedom of speech via “Pemuda Bicara” — a program founded by Fajri Usman. We enchant people with Indonesian culture through ID Fest 2013. We promote unity in diversity through POSPIM 2013. We did it all together.

We even climbed a mountain.

Gunung Rajah

Graduation is, after all, a celebration. A celebration of accomplishments. A “Hurrah!” to every failures we experienced. A celebration of bravery, courageous act to take the next step forward. A way to remind yourself, that it is yet another beginning.


So I have decided to challenge myself. To be back into my writing habit.

I have decided that from today onwards, I will write a blog post, everyday for the next 30 days.

I will write about anything, maybe more on self-reflection, what I have learned during the day.

It might be a short post, it might be a long one. But I’ll keep on writing on daily basis.

It may be something similar with what Seth Godin is doing in his blog.

To write is to preserve experience and knowledge while sharing it to others.

In that spirit, I initiate this #30DaysChallenge

Orang bilang, Mimpi itu…..

Orang bilang, mimpi adalah bahan bakar kehidupan. Sulit dibayangkan kalau manusia tidak memiliki mimpi. Mungkin hidup ini akan stagnan. Tidak mau bergerak. Bergeming.

Orang bilang, mimpi itu harus digantungkan setinggi langit. Sehingga kita perlu usaha sekuat mungkin untuk menggapainya. Mimpi bukan digantung di atas pohon yang mudah tumbang bila tertiup angin dari segala penjuru.

Orang bilang, mimpi itu berani. Mimpi tidak takut. Mimpi bukan pengecut yang selalu kabur ketika melihat rintangan.

Orang bilang, mimpi itu mulia. Bukan rendah yang pasrah terinjak.

Orang bilang, jangan bunuh mimpi. Karena mimpi itu tidak berdosa. Hidupilah mimpi, karena keabadian berada bersamanya.

Selamat berjuang, kawan-kawan mahasiswa. Berlarilah menuju mimpi.