Validation is For Parking

It is fascinating to observe how technology shapes culture, in both good and bad way. The simplest technology can drive people to a different way, spreading new norms to the society. In some cases, technology unveils human’s deepest and truest nature.

One most blatant example that we can observe is the fact that industrial age and the invention of steam engine has driven human’s greed even further. It has affected society and humanity substantially. But let’s save the more serious discussion for later.

Shift our focus to today technology. Yes, I’m talking about the mobile apps, internet, and everything that has made our life, supposedly, easier. As technology is evolving, so does our lifestyle, and as our lifestyle changes, so does our culture. Instagram for example, has transformed the way we share our moments. We used to print our photos and put it in a physical album, but now memories are stored online and we choose which memories are worth of sharing. Twitter has transformed the way we tell stories. We used to write paragraphs, now we limit our story to 140 characters. All of these technology advancements are here to make our life better, more fascinating. But, some people have fallen to into the trap.

People are always in a constant effort of expressing their nature. And with the technology, people have find a medium to express themselves. But as we feed our own ego through social media such as instagram, twitter, Path, we are in constant search of validations. We seek validations from other people. And to make it worse, people quantify validations through the number of likes in a post. It’s all okay, until you see some people are actually trying so hard to get recognized by people they don’t know, to be validated by people who don’t genuinely care about you.

The crave for validation and recognition have always been there, but the rise of social media has boost the craving. Since now it’s actually easier to get ‘validated’. But beware as those validations are not genuine validations, it sometimes only come from people who are looking for reciprocity. When exchanging ‘validation’ become so common, you’ll know that to feel validated is a dangerous illusion to your ego.





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