So, where are you now?

So it’s been 7 months since I moved back to Indonesia. Life has been steady, not much ups and downs. It’s getting boring. I’m getting used to living life in Jakarta. The traffic jams, the unorganized masses, chaos in every public transportation system (thanks God there’s Gojek). But well, it’s survival of the fittest here in the jungle of Jakarta.


Before moving back to Indonesia, I had dreams about how would I live my life in Indonesia. Admittedly, I have not been living up to my expectations. I have not volunteered to any single events, I have not visited as many events as I would like to, I have not read as many books as I’d planned to. I have been caught up with this whole routine of waking up in the morning, fighting the urge to sleep in for another 5 minutes (I often lose). Getting up to the same train, same route, same time. Nobody told me that working-life involves great amount of boredom.


This might be the signal to try something new, something that thrills me. I need to get out of this routine and find new challenge. It is, after all, the right time to be a little adventurous.


At the end of the day, we are all a little young and a little lost, aren’t we?