On Graduation


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A transition is inevitable. Graduation is a form of transition. Marking the start of a new life, a fully-responsible adult. Besides everything, graduation is a celebration. A lavish one.

University for me, is a getaway. A way to postpone the “real life”, a recess. I think most people got it wrong. University shouldn’t be a place that prepare you for a career in the future. It may help, and it’s good, but it should not be the sole objective.

For that reason, I enjoyed university. I might enjoyed it a bit too much it has become a comfort zone that I need to get away from. The fact is, comfort zone is dangerous, as a comfort zone might be different with “safe zone”.

On Debate

One of the things that I really feel grateful is the fact that I joined the University of Malaya Debate Club, although for a short-term. I did not win any trophies, awards, or anything. In spite of the competitive spirit of varsity debate, I believe that it is not merely about winning. Shaping our mindset, broadening our perspectives are some of the lessons I have learned along the way. I learned that, the ability to see an issue from different perspective will help in constructing a more-balanced opinion.

I also learned that to speak up for 7 minutes, is a privilege. An expensive privilege.

On Indonesia

I am a proud Indonesian. Despite having hard times to justify my pride on Indonesia, I found that there is a hope, even the slightest, that will keep the dream alive. I did my part, by bringing out the potential of Indonesian Student Association in University of Malaya. Throughout the years, we are continuously growing and giving impact to people that we care about.

To think and share knowledge are the natural consequences of an enlightened mind.

CSIS Motto

Being a member of the “enlightened mind”, is a privilege followed by a direct natural consequences. We channel our belief through the social projects we initiated and contributed, PPWI Klang — A school for the stateless children, based in Klang. We practice freedom of speech via “Pemuda Bicara” — a program founded by Fajri Usman. We enchant people with Indonesian culture through ID Fest 2013. We promote unity in diversity through POSPIM 2013. We did it all together.

We even climbed a mountain.

Gunung Rajah

Graduation is, after all, a celebration. A celebration of accomplishments. A “Hurrah!” to every failures we experienced. A celebration of bravery, courageous act to take the next step forward. A way to remind yourself, that it is yet another beginning.


2 thoughts on “On Graduation

  1. We even climbed a mountain, didn’t reach the peak though. Same as us, we have not reached our peak yet. Gud luck on your future endeavor !

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