This, too, shall pass.

So I was struck by the phrase “this too shall pass” sang by Bono (U2) in David Letterman’s Show. Well, it is actually not the original lyrics of “Stuck in A Moment”, it was an impromptu. And it was not my first time hearing/reading the phrase “this too shall pass”. But somehow, this time, I was fully aware of the meaning of the phrase and it hit me, quite hard.

To think of it, it is sadly true that everything, be it joy or struggle, is temporary. Nothing really is permanent. Any moment will end up in a box of memories. And probably it is up to us to decide, do we want to dwell over the pasts? Do we want to worry about the days that yet to come? Or we want to live for today?

I just turned 20 two months ago, and life has not really changed much. But I know that it was not that easy compared to what my life used to be. Being 17th, maybe was the easiest year ever. It was fun and all, you have nothing to worry about. Old enough to take some responsibility but young enough to make some mistakes here and there. No, I’m not saying I want to relive the past.

Some said that early 20s is the time when you actually find who you really are. It is the time to self-actualize. To start thinking about the future and all. Well, I have plans. But I’m not really sure whether I REALLY REALLY want to live those plans. It is not that I am not excited about the future, actually I am really excited about the future as I don’t feel like being a student for any longer. Being a student is not that bad, but being student for quite a long time is boring.

I have enjoyed my University life, and will still enjoy it until the time I have to bid farewell to the morning-classes, pop-quizzes, skipping-classes (I did this quite often, actually 😛 ) and say hello to a 9-5 routine that I will have to face for at least 4 years of my life.

Sometimes, we are really excited about the future. We want to foresee the future, we want to experience something entirely new. But sometimes, we forget that today will be just another moment passed. So, I don’t really see the point of having excessive anxiety about the future. We live for today. And because this too shall pass, why don’t we just freaking enjoy it while it lasts? And don’t worry, if today is not the best time of our life, that will too definitely pass 😉





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