It’s 2012, People!

Screw the (misinterpretation of) Mayan’s Calendar, it’s 2012 people!


Last year I wrote some resolutions that I want to achieve, and I guess it will only be good if I write down some to respect this 2012.

So here it goes, I type and I hope I can accomplish these things :


1st New Year resolution? Score 3.50 above. Without any C. Amen

Well, this is gonna be in the top of my to-achieve-list. But this semester is tougher than the last one, though the last one was certainly and undoubtedly amazing, I want to have another amazing semester result! 😀


2nd New Year resolution, do much better in Debate. Establish myself as a great debater.

Ah well, I joined the UM Debate Club by the start of this second semester. So far, the experience was soooooo great. I found a lot of new friends, awesome ones. I think I have to improve here, I want to accomplish something from here.


3rd resolution, read more books. One book (at least) per month.

To be honest, I doubt I can accomplish this one 😛 But yeah, at least I have the intention to do so. As long as there is a good book that I’m interested in, I will definitely read it.


4th resolution. Form a band.

Playing music has been part of my life since I was in junior high school. And damn, I miss playing music in a band. The feeling when you are on stage is one of the most precious feeling you can ever get in this life. And yes, I can see I’m forming a band this year.


5th, what? Climb a mountain ?

Well, this is a trivial resolution to list down. I have the plan. I have the intention. I have some of my friends who want to join also. But don’t blame me if I don’t accomplish this thing. This is additional resolution. 😛


There they are, four plus one 2012 resolutions. I wrote this as a reminder to myself. Because, I know you will not bother to know what are my 2012 resolutions are. As I said, this blog is a Published Diary. haha 😛


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