D-30, You better panic now!

Yes, it is literally 30 days 9 hours and 10 minutes to my first day of final examination this semester. I made a simple blog as a counter and reminder regarding the first day of the final. And this post is a channelization of my panic.


“Panic is the reason why people change!”

A simple Facebook status update from my fellow college students made me thinking that what I need NOW, is panicking. Indeed, my friend.

The insecurity of facing final examination is sometimes left undiscovered by the ticking clock. And when it is 3 days before exam, we will start panicking because we are lack of preparation. But in the time of panic, we will push ourselves further and harder like never before and may result in an impressive result, occasionally, but there are some side effects like we all know.

What if, we can control this feeling of panic? This feeling of insecurity and lack of time? We may be able to gain the spirit-of-panic yet actually we still have an adequately sufficient amount of time to prepare. Based on this thought, I will constantly telling myself that I need to panic, starting from now.

It’s freaking 30 days to final! You better start to panicking NOW!


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