Please Welcome : Gary Vaynerchuk!

So I stumbled upon this guy on an article in TechCrunch, I was astonished by the title of the article “Gary Vaynerchuk: “99.5 Percent Of Social Media Experts Are Clowns” (TCTV)”. In another second I found myself reading and watching the conversation between Gary Vaynerchuk and Josh Zelman. He was actually telling TechCrunch what is inside his new book, “The Thank You Economy”. I found that this guy actually has an interesting personality and way of thinking. Somehow, he inspires me.

After watching the interview, I decided to take a deeper look into this guy. I typed his name inside the Youtube search bar and found a lot of videos about him. This is the video I enjoyed the most.

I won’t try to describe him in this blog, I just want to share about this awesome guy I accidentally found on the internet. Further inspiration? Take a peek at his blog and his channel on Youtube, or even better, buy his books! I decided that I’m going to buy his first book, Crush it! 😀


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