Stop This Train

Stop this train I wanna get off and go home again, I can’t take the speed its moving in.

I know I can’t, but honestly, won’t someone stop this train?

So I steal some of my study time to post about the anxiety I have in my heart.

Sometimes, everyone feels like what John feels, including me, and my time is now.

Sometimes I feel like riding on a very fast express train and sometimes I’m afraid of what is waiting for me by the end of this road, what is next to see, what is next to experience, what is next to face. Eventhough we all know that we really will never be able to stop this train we ride on, we keep on fearing and thinking how to stop this train.

Things like, “Why don’t I just take the slow train and enjoy the ride?” or “Why don’t I take a short break?” always infiltrate through my brain.

Life surely goes on, time flies, it’s a choice whether to gain or to lose. It’s a choice how to live your own life. Maybe you will start to wonder “Why am I here? Not there?” It’s so human, to never stop questioning. And it’s so human to never stop fearing.

It’s not easy to be here, it’s maybe not as hard as this if I were there. It’s never easy to got here, and it’s maybe easier to be there. It’s sometimes fun to be here, yet sometimes dreadful, and it should be fun to be there yet there will be so many things left undiscovered.

Life is not and will never be an easy choice, never. What we choose, even the smallest one can bring the biggest change in our short life. But why do I got here? I don’t know which choice brought me here, and I don’t know which choice will bring me to another place, up or down. Life is “I don’t know” but for sure, we have to keep on living, so maybe by the end of this life we can keep our smiling face on everyone’s box of memory for living fiercely and gallantly.

Found out that, it’s not about where you live, but it’s how the way you live.

There are so many things to fear, so many things to worry, so many things to be regretted, million things that drop the tears, but who knows that there are billions or even zillions reason for us to put smile on our own face?

Cause now I see I’ll never stop this train

In the end, it’s about time for us to realize that we will never stop this train….

because we never really want to. Curious of what is there waiting for us.

*Song featured : Stop This Train by John Mayer


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